Sometimes, train commuters make me mad. Like how one aunty sat down and slam her bag into the seat beside her and refused to give up the seat while shouting loudly for her friend, like how it’s like in a market.

Nevermind that. Another guy sitting right in front of me, picking his nose in on the moving train, with expressions of satisfaction while doing it. How eeks is that? And his female friend sitting beside him.. Can literally stare at this pregnant women from head to toe, then focusing on her stomach and yet, root her butt to the seat. And the 2 of them sat at the corner where the sticker of “Please offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you do”.

Ugly singaporean. That’s what makes me mad. And by the way.. If you are wondering, i do not have a seat and am standing.

[mobile post @ toa payoh bus interchange]