tired, yet determined to keep awake.

1. My ex is:.. errrmm.. which one? my ex(s) are people who have left a place in my heart, cos every single one of them left me some special memories…

2. Maybe I should: go to bed now

3. I love: friction and dinner dates

4. I don’t understand: why we have to work so hard, and make ourselves miserable

5. I lose: my temper when things get on my nerves

6. People say I’m: confident, but im nowhere near. full of insecurities if u ask me.

7. Love is: giving, receiving, pain, happiness, almost everything bundled together.

8. Somewhere, someone is: blogging, like me.

9. I will always: soft toys on my bed.

10. Forever is: neverending.

11. I never want to: be a loser

12. I think the current US President: is foreign.

13. When I wake up in the morning: i snooze till noon.

14. My past was: what made me the person today.

15. I get annoyed when: people irritate me on purpose.

16. Parties are for: the hip, the cool, and the funkies.

17. My dog is: my orange plushie

18. My cat is: hello kitty?

19. Kisses are the best when: given by the one u love.

20. Tomorrow: i am meeting gerine for a date!

21. I really want: my dreams to work out some day

22. I have low tolerance for people who: corny.

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