I realised.. this blog space of mine is filled with everything about my kids these days!


wanted to blog down some updates about myself, more for my own future reference than anything else.

these are the last few pictures of me being preggers! incidentally, they are all taken in toilets! 1st pic was in the private toilet in paragon (yes, there is a private toilet for Citibank paragon card holders and I loveeeee it to bits cos it’s always clean, empty, big mirror and filled with expensive lotions for use). 2nd pic was taken in an apartment at Marina bay sands residence where der and me were busy checking out the interior design and concepts of every nook and corner..the 3rd picture was at der’s office! It’s an open concept toilet with a view shown below.

I thought the toilet was pretty cool, but I was there to check out the staff lounge to look at some laminates that we were considering for our new home. haha, I digressed.


anyway, prebirth, my last measured weight was 62.8kg. I didn’t actively measure my waistline for this pregnancy but it was around 41″.


I had my post natal check up yesterday at the gynae’s. everything was fine, the wound is healing well and I’m good. I’m surprised that this time round, the pain was much more manageable than the first time. I was also a lot more mobile this time round. I think the amount of walking I did with through daily commute to the hospital helped with the healing.

3rd day post birth. I still looked like I’m 4-5mths preggers.


I started the Malay jamu massage on Monday and had to endure 6-10hrs of stomach binding daily.


here’s how I look on thursday! after 3 days of massage and binding.

still spotting a muffin top but looking much better. struggling to ‘milk out’ the weight that I gained with my breastfeeding efforts.

my current weight. I put on 14kg in total and loss close to 7kg. another 7kg more to go!


hopefully I can wear back all my old clothes soon. many of which are brand new and I didn’t have a chance to wear it yet!


my current mission is.. i.must.get back.in.shape.

meanwhile, am having  totally busy days during confinement that I barely have the time to do anything for myself. 2 kids is really no easy feat, especially when they are all under 2yo. really kudos to those who can manage it so well! I hope to get better with practice!

there are also loads on my mind lately. Am researching for newborn photography for Jerome. As much as Studio Loft is great the last time, i wanted someone else to do the shots so that it comes with a different style and the 2 brothers don’t have similar looking shots. I am also trying to plan for Jerome’s full-month party. The party venue is booked! Now, with the food and logistics/invitation and working out the guest list. I also need to find some time to edit/clean up a picture that i took for Jerome to apply for a passport pronto. Meanwhile, am also trying to research for ideas and work out exactly what to do for the new house so that we can proceed with renovations, hopefully in march. Way too much on top of all the stuff i gotta do daily.

i need more time. like, 48hrs per day?