this just had to be the longest and most tiring wedding because it started at 3.30am for me. dragging myself outta bed and getting ready after going to bed less than 2 hours before. but, it’s a really a blast! we had loads of fun, in the morning, travelling around, taking pictures and playing a lot of games at the wedding dinner.

the bestie’s is the most hyper bride and tak-glam bride that i know thus far. she’s always hoping around and pulls up her dresses to her knees and walk around showing her legs. super hilarious sight at times because one would expect the bride to be demure and more gentle (for the photographer snapping), and so the photographer went.. it’s ok. ‘ll just take the top body portion!

the slogan of the day? 拍上半身就好!

here’s some random snap shots of the day, which coincidentally was our nation’s birthday.

the morning pictures

if you hadn’t realized it, the theme/color code was red and white.. and while at hort park, we filmed a video of the bridal couple leading us in saying the national pledge. we played the video at the wedding at night at 8.22pm! all the wedding guests were made to stand during THE moment and i guessed everyone loved it.

there were many many beautiful moments for the wedding.. like how the couple kissed for the longest time while all the guest shouted at the top of their voices for the longest ‘yum seng’ to keep them kissing.. and the couple ended up grooving and dancing while holding the kiss.

the sisters were not spared at night. while we thought we had the last laugh, the brother had it when we were held hostage on stage and made to go through the ‘酸甜苦辣’. the bride asks 4 questions and every one the groom gets it right, we had to take the forfeit.

and we only survived the first question where belle very gamely asked what’s the color of her underwear in front of ALL the guests. we had a good laugh because the groom didn’t know even when he has a 50% chance between 2 options. the next picture says it all…

the food was good, the ballroom was beautiful. it was a really nice night where i met a lot of old friends (and all of them telling me im FATTER! =( so sad can?!), der enjoyed himself tremendously (i think) and even though i had to run off once the photo-taking session started and packed derrick off to the airport to catch his flight, i really enjoyed the night.

hmmm.. looks like we’ll have to wait for quite a while for the next wedding!

wow! it took me almost 9 hours to finish typing the entry in between clearing my work!

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