03:01 3am and i am typing some work email. argh. #

09:32 I miss the rocher tau huey that I ate last night! #

10:01 @pishako haha. so far.. think i’m gonna do a week of packed lunches! #

11:36 just realised that i forgot to lug mich’s bag along to work with me. 🙁 #

11:51 红带 – i hate. =( #

13:39 @pishako errrmmm.. exactly like what you typed? im trying not to give leads.. #

13:45 hmmm.. go to windows, ctrl panel, regional & language options, add PRC chinese (use quan pin as input) then show ur language bar to toggle. #

14:22 @sparklethots u are not alone. That was my 1st thought when the tweet flashed on my screen. 🙂 #

15:11 yay! it does help when i peek a little wee bit of light and now i can move ahead! Woots! may everyday be like that! #

17:12 hk or taiwan? both are places that i went to in recent years. my heart is lemming for krabi or rendang, but i dont have travel companions! #

17:45 @becxbecx but der is not free.. His travelling schedule is already hectic in itself.. and going there with family just doesnt quite cut it.. #

18:29 @becxbecx im planning the trip in june… it’s a family annual thing. running outta countries to go especially since the economy’s no good. #

19:43 shit. the iced mocha from St*rbucks is wrecking havoc in my tummy. why is my day so wrong? #

20:20 why is it that technology always fail you at critical moments? *pulls hair in exasperation* #

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