13:50 i am still a hungry girl after my lunch… so unsatisfied. :/ #

15:56 wonders why her excel spreadsheet is moving like a tortoise while the rest of the applications is working fine. my com is boycotting EXCEL? #

16:16 feeling nausea after the donut. =S i need an antidote. mints not helping! #

18:32 felt a slight pain and when i look at my toes… oh gosh! my last toe nail is dangling by a thin strand of skin. it’s dropping!! #

19:27 @sparklethots my first reaction was … gosh! my pedicure!! #

19:28 feeling like an octupus – trying to type email, answer phone call, look at artwork and think at the same time. =( #

20:34 @sparklethots ha. that’s so vain you mean! cos there wasn’t any intense pain/bleeding. my feet’s gonna look so weird missing polish on l … #

20:34 @sparklethots last toe (got cut off in earlier message!) #

20:42 is brain dead. why is there so much to do? i can’t seemed to clear my mailbox! #

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