01:33 Takes me only 2 days to chip my french manicure. *sigh* good night world. #

09:50 these days, everyday feels like a bad hair day. argh. #

11:21 i need happy food to cheer me up. thai mango salad just came into my mind! #

11:33 @julyclover good luck! 🙂 #

11:40 feel like im coming down with flu.. got this cloudy, heavy feeling at the nasal. and does a series of 3 sneezes seem normal in the morning? #

14:32 cannot believe that i actually manage to borrow an nds charger in the office.. #

15:33 @julyclover i’m sure you’ll do good. getting the call is already winning half the battle! 🙂 #

18:16 darn. scalded my hands while washing my cup! #

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