09:57 hate it when i miss both the school bus & the feeder. had to stand ard looking pretty till 9.30am b4 i can raise my fat arms to flag a cab.. #

10:09 its coming… 2 more weeks! #

10:55 *breathes* #

15:33 oh my. it’s a crazy week thus far.. *pulls hair* #

16:15 @pishako Ohh.. what date are you watching Sing Dollar? i bought the tickets to it too! #

16:49 wishes there were more cherry tomatoes for me to munch. #

18:47 @pishako when is she coming back? #

19:20 late nights are so unhealthy. 🙁 can this week quickly pass? #

21:12 am going to drop all my work and go home to spend time with der. 🙂 realised frens/family are often sacrificed and im trying not to do it. #

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