01:55 gonna self impose a rule in my daily schedule – thou shalt not switch on the computer before completion of daily exercise (skip, run, hula). #

02:58 tired and crashing. goodbye long weekend. hello monday. #

09:00 Lugging the laptop around is sucha chore. It bad for the back too! Shall aim never to lug it around unless I’m driving. My back hurts! #

09:29 Can’t open my eyes in the sunlight. Argh. I want my bed. #

10:36 silly me. for a moment i thought i accidentally deleted my emails away cos there was NONE for friday! but of cos, it’s a PH. i feel so dumb. #

10:36 @unpolishedgem you ok? rest well ya? the weekend must have been too hectic! 😛 #

11:02 @AngMoGirl i think its because everyone (in relation to my work) went on a holiday! #

17:17 Feeling v warm each time I stepped out of air con. Is the weather warm or am I burning? #

18:45 I so hate jams. #

20:10 Bursting with anger. I wished I could kill right now… #

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