i am suffering from a migraine on the right side of my head for at least the last 6 hours. it feels like my head’s gonna snap apart. Grr… pain pain, go away..

i think i never took as many cabs as i did today, within such a short time at least. at 2pm, bro and me together with our uncle zipped down to fort canning legends in a cab. at legends, my cousin was nowhere in sight! searched the entire area and even tried heading searching the surroundings for him. he didnt answer his call, and we couldnt get him. rain then started pouring when we were at fort canning centre. we started to panic cos the sms directions that we received clearly stated fort canning legends!

and i thought lady luck was shinning on me. someone came to the center in a cab, so i flagged the cab to bring us down to the legends, stopping by the battlebox to pick my [another] stranded cousin.

and the 4 of us checked. my cousin was really nowhere in sight. he’s not answering his calls either. we checked with the information counter no luck. his name wasnt on the list!

argh. and the rain is really heavy outside.

and waterfalls are spotted down the stairs.

so we waited, took a seat and stared at each other. at 3+, the phone finally rang, he called. and he’s at EQUINOX! argh! there was a change in venue and he forgot to inform us!!

the flooding rain didnt stop outside. and we had to call a cab to bring us there. it didnt help that we were in such an isolated location and it’s hard to call a cab on rainy days. by the time we reached, most of the guest are almost done with their dining.

needless to say, we missed the solemnization ceremony. no pictures to show.

the hi-tea reception was a okay. not fantastic and i doubt i’ll pay that kind of $ to dine there again. it wasnt my first trip there. the first was an event i attend with special menu being served. that was so much better. but then, i cant really compare a catered menu to a high tea spread.

popped by hair plus salon (located at far east plaza) for a trim..

my hair dont look any different compared to what it was before i stepped in. i just wanted a trim of the hair ends and my fringe to make it look neater. so now, it’s shorter, neater and my fringe’s a little frizzy cos it’s layered.

my “sick” day ended like that. wanted to spend a bit of time shopping in the malls, but was too tired to really pay attention so home i headed.