everyone has been asking if hk was fun. it was nothing much except sight-seeing. contrary to the usual belief of eating non stop and shopping non stop.. i didn’t do that. food consisted mainly of the hotel breakfast and random snack here and there. i only had dim sum on the last day for lunch and only visited a ‘cha chang teng’ (tea house) once for gong zai mien.

i only got about 5 hours of shopping time (travelling included) and well.. i just grabbed whatever i could. and tadah! these are my loots.

a cherry tomato plant!

this is the first thing i bought in hk.. at just S$3! there were many other plants that i wanted to bring home. many interesting fruits and all.. but i guess this was all i could manage. now, i can eat cherry tomatoes anytime, just need to step out and pluck.

and because i didnt really buy anything during the trip.. i figured i just have to grab something somehow, so i sorta went crazy at pedder red and nine west.

ballerinas and tote bag from pedder red

my steals from nine west

and no. i didnt manage to get anything else for the entire hk trip till 5 minutes before my boarding gate. i walked past a shop and spotted this bag hanging there and the rest is history.

must be fate, because it was a wrong turn that i made and resulted in me spotting the bag. in the rush to get to the boarding gate, there must be a reason why i made a wrong turn right? hee.

and oh. there’s something else that i managed to lug back too. 2 x roast goose that i trawled the streets to find because i refused to pay a premium price for it at the restaurant. and i was glad i did, because everyone else enjoyed it very the much.

and it made my grandma’s day when the family celebrated her birthday for her in msia with the roast goose. i didnt turn up as i was way too tired from the past 9 days of travelling and not sleeping much.

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