one last post before im cuddling up in bed with my babies.

took some photos to commemorate that i was in tts.h a&e last week. all the mask wearing and some of the very extensive gear that the clinical staff are wearing really makes me feel like i am flu patient.

especially when the screening nurse heard that i am in big pain. she went…
are you running any fever?! what about cough, running nose?

it’s the way she asked that makes me feel im being scrutinised, and like im having some disease. maybe it’s an over reaction, or maybe it’s just her usual way of asking.. but still.

that’s me trying to be funny in the toilet after taking my urine sample. yes. i can still be cheeky when in pain.

that’s me sleeping on the bed while under one hr observation in this holding ward

the identity tag on the patient’s (me!) hand…

this patient score board record thingy hanging at the end of my bed. wonders how you read it..

that’s der, trying to be cheeky. he thinks i won’t know that he’s sticking out his tongue under that mask.

I know i must be crazy to be thinking about it.. but i just thought the $85 was really well worth. because during the consultation, i had an urine test done, went for ultrasound (i think check stomach/kidneys), had x-ray, given a jab to curb the pain, rested at a bed with attentive service (by nurses), and had a bowl of porridge with extra spring onions! oh oh! plus the 2 free face masks!

jen mentioned i was MAD to be so happy on the well-worth $85. but seriously, if i had all that done in private, i would be paying at least $350?

ok. night people. it’s friday already!

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