it’s another weekend that im going to spend alone. not literally alone, but i meant.. without wei.

i’m a little disappointed, but there’s nothing much i can do abt it. wei has project meeting later today and classes tomorrow. i wonder if he feels sore like me. much as i try to believe that he would be feeling worst off for not being able to meet me, i secretly doubt so. dont ask me why.

my weekend is packed. and i made it to be. jean’s birthday is on wednesday and we are going to have a feast after work today and going shopping for a pressie for her. meeting shuyu and the rest of the girls for more shopping and dinner later in the day.

sentosa is the place i will be tomorrow. popping down to check out some new attraction that belleaw has free access to. heh. no, dont think i’ll be at the beach.. but who knows rite?

unpolished_gem gonna fly out to taiwan tomorrow afternoon for almost a week. awww.. im gonna miss her.. have a nice flight michie! and remember to miss me! 🙂