it’s amusing to find that 2 of my best guy friends are going to take the same path after all. 1 year after the other. they both knew each other cos we were from the same school, and the two of them were in the same line of job. but they have both never been too close to each other, very much like a hi bye kinda friend.

and so. last year, ant left for Iraq for 4 months.. and it was weird knowing that he’s not there for me to shout my complains to. but it was really touching when he queued on board the ship and called me via the satalite phone in the wee hours of the night. of cos i was sleeping, but hearing his voice, knowing he’s fine and finding out that he couldn’t bear to call his parents to wake them up at this odd timing and that i was the only person that he could definitely call was a reassuring thought.

now, raf surprised me when he told me he’s heading for iraq. definitely not something im expecting since he’s going to ord soon. and it means another 4 months of having a good friend far far away, hoping that nothing too major will happen to him on his journey.

and so, he’s gonna leave on the 4th. due to our tight schedules, the only available slot for meet up was on tuesday night. nevermind the fact that i havent cleaned my room. nevermind the fact that i was friggin tired. nevermind the fact that i headed home to change and ended up flopping in bed and waking up only after he smsed me. and nevermind the fact that i was very late for the appointment.

it’s just sad knowing that i cant have a simple dinner with him with just a call. it’s sad knowing that i may not get him on the line even if i call. it’s sad knowing that i have to go thru this ordeal again.

dinner’s at asian kitchen. la mian + xiao long bao. we both think it’s a little ex for the portions served and it’s not as good as compared to crystal jade’s. right after the meal.. we walked for less than 500m and decided to hit gelare! tuesday is waffles day! whee! a glutton can never resist nice stuff rite? *smack lips*

super full right after. feeling lethargic and all, we had no idea where to go. started walking aimlessly until i decided that we shall go check SMU’s campus out! it’s so cool! we were exploring and got reminded of the days when we were in school. and the studying tables just bring back memories. haha. for those who didnt know, i actually met raphael when i was studying at the airport with ant. it’s funny how we wore the same neon green color tee with jeans seated near each other, and subsequently became the butt of the jokes of all the TP students who hang out there every other night.

it’s just crappy now that i think of it. hee. the snappy happy me fished out the camera and started snapping away! the campus really made me want to be a student again. urgh.

take care my friend! have a safe trip and see ya soon (hopefully a skinner you)! you’ll be missed, definitely.