in commemoration of 50 years of greening singapore, the national park board introduced a roving installation called ‘Playset of the Yesteryears’ . Or otherwise in my own words, known as old school playground because it features play equipment that were popular in the 70s and 80s (my time!). so when i first found out about it, i had to check it out just for reminiscing sake.


the playset features a variety of swings (my favourite!), merry-go-rounds and see-saws installed on a bed of sand (oh, don’t you miss this?). i brought jerry to check it out, but honestly, i think i was a lot more excited than he is. 

on an old school swing. he was really impatient on it and i could hardly grab a picture before he wriggled out of der’s arms and ran away.

having a go on the merry-go-round. while this is one of those old fashioned playset, i cant help but feel that this is fusioned with the modern world. the merry-go-rounds i remembered playing doesnt have these nice round curves spotted above, nor is it so sexy looking. it usually features triangles slots that looks like a cake cut up in 8 wedges from the top view and are usually brightly coloured like in red or green or in yellow with a rough, patterned surface for friction so that one could stand more firmly on it. while der was pushing jerry along, i hopped on and remembered all that giddiness associated with this.

posing for mama! something he learnt lately every time i whip out my phone.

see saw! the kid is familiar with this because his pediatrician’s office has a little tikes plastic version of it.

sand play. he was happily grabbing and fisting the sand and throwing it all over. the sand got into his head, his hair and his eyes and the poor kid was a little traumatised, especially when he started rubbing his hurting eyes with his sand covered fingers. oh the horror! der was especially freaked out and was angry at the kid for the urge to continue rubbing, while i just smiled and realised, oh.. i had the same agony as a kid and told der to relax. we all go through that when we were young too right and didnt die from it. besides, i had to keep reminding ourselves that we shouldnt be too over protective as parents and rip the kid of his learning experience. haha.

the swings! the swings! i loved loved this! i loved the exhilarating feeling of going really fast and really high, and remembered i used stand up on the swing to make it go higher and higher. i could sit on it all day and so could everyone else. i remembered the pain of waiting it out for an available swing because it was really the much coveted for item at the playground.

kiddo had a go too.

i spent the rest of the evening sitting on a bench,  just chilling around with der, watching our kid play while the sun sets in the background. and yes, i know we werent really appropriately dressed for the playground since we had high tea at goodwood park earlier that day but i do recommend shorts and slippers if you are going. the 3 of us had a lot of pain getting the sand out of our shoes!


you could also read about the history of 12 parks including toa payoh park, kent ridge park, bishan-ang mo kio park and mount faber just to name a few. the roving installation will also remain in raffles place till 19 may and it will be moved to east coast park (june to july), bishan-ang mo kio park (mid aug to mid oct) and singapore botanic gardens (nov to dec).


do check it out if you love these playsets like i do. its also a good way to let your kid experience the playgrounds that their parents grew up in.

ending this post with a picture of the skycrapers towering over me while i sat at the benches.