had a shopping spree yesterday. as usual, shopping sprees thrill me. i just love swiping my card. heh.

i set out to buy myself an expensive present to pamper myself. something that i would hardly think of buying in my daily course of life. and i dragged wei along to look at it. despite wei telling me abt all the disadvantages of the item.. i insisted on buying. and the good thing was he paid for it eventually. heh heh. so sweet of him right? but he ended up being $220 poorer.

i didnt spend a lot of money in the end. wei will stop me from impulse buying and save me loads of money.

im kinda sad after the shopping spree yesterday. i was trying on levis jeans and i asked for size 25. omg! i cant even button up!! i feel so much like a “ba zhang” being wrapped up tightly. it means im growing very fat.. and very fast indeed!

anyway, im eyeing on this square cut levis jeans “eve”. that was the only pair that i looked better in. the rest, i think i got to opt for size 26. how sad. and i refuse to even try on size 26. it’s time to lose some fats. maybe i’ll buy it the next time i pop by a levis store.

i forsee a packed week ahead, but im not too sure about how the schedule will be. for now, today, wednesday and thursday is filled. may this week be filled with fun! it’s time to concentrate on my work..

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