which would you choose?

ibook G4 vs toshiba satalite notebook (running on vista)

specs, size and costs aside, which would be more desirable? that is, taking into consideration that i already have a powerful desktop in my room?

been toying with the idea of the macbook, but i’m worried about compatibility issues, especially since if i want to sync my gadgets, i.e. ipod. other issues, the macbook’s 2nd hand but it’s looks totally brand new.. and the toshiba’s brand new in box.

what do i want it for? portability, some times to do work with. travel with. mostly, it’s for pleasure. my bro uses a macbook tho and he is going to buy a macbook pro soon.

i only have 1 more day to decide before my uncle flies back with the other that i do not want. i need advices.

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