it’s a quiet day in the office with the chicky girls all gone off to the zoo (i think).

have been so tired of late that i seemed to doze off at 9 or 10 at night. i pretty much have been wanting to blog but had been tired, busy etc.

mich’s post of her near accident reminded me of something that i wanted to blog about over the weekend. i had the same encounter with dogs.

after my haircut on saturday evening, we were heading back to yishun to buy tickets to watch narnia. as we were cruising along one of the roads approaching yishun 10, there were 3 2 person (a couple) standing on the divider kerb(is that what you call it?) between the 2 roads. the dog was standing beside them, without a leash.

so you think it was fine. till we were about 5 metres away, the dog suddenly jumped out from the kerb into our approaching car. der slammed the brakes, swerved left (we were on the right lane, beside the kerb) and eventually stopped the car. i screamed, and when i stopped.. i asked der, “did we hit? did we hit?”

omg! i was so worried abt the dog! i turned back to look for the dog and that was then i realised that was a mercedes at the back of our car. gosh. i looked at der and asked if he knew that there was a mercs at the back. he said he saw but had no choice but to swerve into that lane.

i am so thankful the mercs didnt slammed into our car and all the drivers/passengers were safe, less for a little shock.

as for the dog, it was still running down the middle of the lanes with the owner madly running after it. lucky for him that there were no cars behind us. the girl was still standing on the kerb with her face flushed green.

*sigh* they better learn how to leash their dog properly especially when they are crossing the roads jaywalking.

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