Spent a productive Saturday! Got out of bed early and shifted the furnishings around in the room to make way for the cot delivery!

Headed out with aunt (she’s here in Singapore to help take care of my
Mum while she tries to rest and recover from her recent surgery), brother and der for dim sum at Hua tin. Yummy, but these days.. I can’t seemed to stomach much and the only joy I had was the mango purée with herbal jelly, sago and pomelo. Haha. My boy has got a sweet tooth and is more receptive to all things sweet!

Swung by goodwood park for 20pcs of durian puff goodness… am a happy girl!

Popped by ikea tampines and had fun in the kids section! Bought loads of frivolous stuff and funny that der readily indulged in whatever I wanted to buy (think it’s cos I’m paying!). Got loads of small little toys to stuff his car and a gift for x.silly! Got some bedding stuff for the cot, quilt and pillow and wall decorations for the cot area (nope, I have no nursery but only a corner of my room).. A baby high stool for feeding (it was on sale!).. Plus a chair for myself! With the cot in my room.. I need to throw out my swivel armchair and settle for a small standard 4-legged chair that’s not space consuming.. Happily left ikea after the usual hotdog munch as the boy had to rush off to RT!

X.silly with his new friend, greenie! Find it rather cute that he carries greenie under his arm and it stays there.

The cute little green snake.. Am surprised der let me buy this cos he absolutely hate snakes!

2 more friends added to der’s dashboard. A moose and a doggie.

And 3 rats at the back of the car..

Came home to the sight of the cot in my room. Had to stay out cos according to my mum, I’m not supposed to be around when there’s installation of what-nots.

What a major transformation outta a sudden..

Just reminds me the the d-day is near.. Loads of stuff not bought yet.. Guess the next few weekend will be on buying the rest of the stuff and washing everything.

Der has promised to satisfy my lok lok cravings and he fell asleep last weekend so we popped in today and eermm.. Spent 3 hours in msia because of bad jam and an impromptu trip to his office to grab some stuff. I am so so tired and ready to crash. Can’t wait to get out of this jam and home.

Swimming’s on the cards for tomorrow! I hope it don’t rains..

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