i am blogging from home. today is a saturday. at 10.10pm in the night. it’s a super uber rare occasion that i will be home on a saturday. the last time it happened, it’s prob when wei was out of town on a business trip. but then, i dont think i was home. must have been out with friends.

i am extremely tired and had had a long day. there is hardly a slot for me to laze at work these days tho i try very hard to steal a look at some blogs and post a quick entry. the frequency of the blog entries are definitely thinning. but, it also seems that im getting more satisfied seeing the fruits of my labour and how things are progressing. slowly but steady. nuff said abt work.

oh. back to why i am home today. my poor boy spent his longest day in at least the last 4 years of his life, staying awake for a total of 46 hours. poor thing. i am so worried abt his health. he stuck out at the funeral for as long as he could, despite having the need to work. he was there till almost 4am on thursday nite, woke in the morning for work on friday, and headed there right after work with me. Sent me home near midnight after zipping home for a quick wash-up, and headed back there. to send his dear friend off the last lap.

i wish i could be there to be with him. but i had to work. 🙁 besides, i guess it’s better that the guys chill out on their own and sort their thoughts out. i would have been like a sore thumb sticking out. dar called me at 6pm today and told me that he’s finally going home.

i can hear that he actually wants to meet me. but i was out with friends and he couldnt hold out any longer. so home he went to rest. with exams looming in days for him, i cant help but let the worrying freak take over me. i hope his body can hold out. last nite when i left him, he was already feeling an inflammed throat. bought him peh pa gao to help him ease it, wonder if it worked. he havent studied at all, since the incident happened.

i volunteered to give him the whole weekend to himself, so he can spend the time studying and not spent tending to my eating/shopping/small chat needs. it’s ok, i can survive. i have loads of friends. right, friends? (*blink bink* where has everyone gone to? haha!)

ok. got to head back to the room and snooze abit. will blog more when inspiration hits. loads to say, but brain dead.