im am so amazed at myself, for being able to hold up and be awake for that long with minimal sleep. the whole of the friday is a busy day and most people on my msn list have the afternoon off, and i cant say it’s not boring to not having msn chats ease off some of the stress off my mind.

the room cleaning, the yearly reunion dinner with wei’s friends, the coming of my aunt and uncles, the trip to johor was weighing on my mind the whole time yesterday. these and on top of the fact that i have waaaayy too much work to finish in 8 hours.

i struggled the day through, and had a late lunch. there was this meeting/gathering in the office at 1pm, where the chairman of the company told his sad tale of why he is currently in this company, the “secrets” to his ownership now, and how it has been tough for him to make it through this day. I really feel for him when the story was told. i’m sure everyone would have felt the same, albeit a few maybe. i almost teared when the account manager (the lady whom i tendered my resignation to), told us that her father (the chairman) had been admitted into the hospital twice for the matter due to heart attacks and they almost lost him. she broke down while making that one sentence, touching my heart and making it go all out for her and the family.

it’s weird, cos it changed my perspective on how i look at things now. and somehow, finding myself being more tolerant to some of the shit that has caused me to explode just weeks back.

the most touching part had to be this. the company was recently taken over by this new management team for the last 3 months. i’m sure they havent been able to break even their hefty investments in the company, and yet, they gave everyone ang pows. not the $20, $40 bucks type. I wasnt even expecting one cos i have tendered my resignation. yet, i was still given one. the amount could have paid for almost 1/3 of my n70. all the rest of my colleagues got double of what i got. i cant tell you how shocked i am, and strangely regretful for leaving them in the lurch (not because of the ang pow, of cos!). it’s like having the “i really want to help if i can feeling”.

my colleagues took the opportunity to ask me to stay. tempting as it may seem, but i guess time and tide waits for no man and i see individual advancement and learning opportunities more important than helping a group of people that i feel for. im sure i would still offer my assistance should they need my help, but i cant just sit around and wait for more money to drop from the sky and expecting myself to pursue my dreams and future with the current situation. it’s not impossible though, and its just i cannot see myself in a stagnant situation for that long. i get bored over repetitive stuff and have a serious urge for learning new things, and being stuck at the same thing for the last 1.5 years has really caused me much distress.

its funny how life makes fun of others. was thinking of rushing my stuff and heading home to accomplish the thousand tasks i have nagging at the back of my mind, more work just keep coming my way. its frustrating to be informed just 45 mins before i knock off that there is going to be a major sale the NEXT day, which means memos to type/send, promotional mechanics and poster designs etc. Grrr. sometimes, i just hate this particular person that seems to be making my day much worse. another outlet is also opening on the 1st, when we are still having our long weekend and there is so much to be done for that too! i was feeling so exasperated when i kindly asked my lady boss if i could let it wait and do it only when i return.

i was desperate. i guess you would be too, with all your colleagues long gone and staying in the office alone, and so many tasks back home. thank god she’s a nice lady and i quickly packed my stuff, grabbed the new year goodies that my aunt have requested me to buy and ended up lugging home alone on a bus cos a cab was nowhere in sight. and i had to call mum to help me out at the bus stop.

wei called the moment i got home and told me i had 1 hr before he pops over to fetch me. he has last minute shopping to do, turns out that his sister is having her birthday party (had to search for a present for her too!) and our presence are required. and we have got the reunion dinner to attend. mad rushing here and there, wei even blew his top while we were rushing. it got me upset that he actually didnt think abt my feelings cos i worked the whole damn day (while he’s on leave), rushed the stuff at home and rushed to meet him to help him and had to suffer from his temper. suffered from an internal battle within myself and decided to swallow everything and keep my mouth shut before it does escalate into a messy affair.

when we finally arrived for the reunion dinner, we were an hr late. started my dinner at 11 . a hungry girl i am. right after dinner, before the gang could discuss plans on where to head for, i got a call and was asked to head right home to PACK and be off to Johor.

🙁 i was kinda sad that i didnt even have the opportunity to spend more time with wei. rushed home, rushed through my packing, rush rush rush, minutes later, im at the causeway.

the journey was quite long. uncle couldnt drive too fast cos there were too much luggage and the car was extremely heavy. we nattered through the entire journey and i couldnt sleep cos i sat on a cookie tin placed between 2 seats in the mini van. the seats were all taken up by all the luggage. yes. there were loads of stuff, mostly food for the reunion dinner.

at 5am, the familiar sights of the route leading to rengam greeted me. 5.30am, we reached and unloaded the stuff. i was supposed to wake everyone up for brekkie at kluang at 6.30am, but i accidentally doze off. we did manage to do so in the end cos my uncle happened to wake.

everyone took a short nap after the trip to kluang, to rest for the trip out to JB for dvd/toiletries shopping. i spent the hours checking out livejournal and catching up on the entries that i have missed.

11 am. jb we went and bought more than $1k worth of dvds/software cds. i know it’s kinda shocking to hear that and i see your jaws dropping. but it’s been a SOP thing ever since the vcd era whacked the world. we actually spent 4 hrs shopping in holiday plaza!

to kill my boredom, i kinda roamed abt a little and bought myself new clothes and a pair of shoes. hee hee. everyone is getting irritable and very tired due to the lack of sleep. i would have felt far worse off if i didnt steal very short naps while we travelled in the car.

and now, im back to rengam after a hectic day shopping. this year seemed to be so much quieter. my brother is in singapore. he wasnt able to come cos he had to help with the floral decorations at river ang pow. i kinda wish that i could be back in sing spending time with wei too, but i guess coming here and seeing my grandpa is something that i wanted to fulfill too. i just wish the life here isnt so boring, cos passing time here is really quite a feat (that’s why all the dvds are bought!).

there! that’s my recount of how i survived the last 36 hours with less than 1.5hr sleep.

and so, it’s now time to go bathe and head downstairs from the yearly reunion dinner.