was going through some of the old photos archive and found some funny pictures of my mischief.

remember wall-e movie? i never really watched the movie. i watched it halfway on one of the flights, but i landed before the movie could end, so i never quite know the ending. while it was screening, i took this pictures at the cinema when der and me were going for another movie.

and i can’t remember whose desk this is back in my ex-company… but i pasted a “pig head” because i was chasing for something and they have obviously missed the deadline.

was it tay jie? Hmmm…

and some of my random drawings while i was bored in meetings.

which made me think. hmmm.. have i improved in concentrating? i haven’t been doodling at all for the last 6 months (circles and heart shapes do not count).

truth is, i have much lesser meeting these days. the context of the job is different. and when i do have meetings, i am usually busy taking down notes, asking questions and or in a discussion.

ok. i am so bored now. should i head out? i need to wake at 5.45am tomorrow.

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