the last time i did a collage for posting was in OCTOBER! that’s friggin 2 months and i sorta lost the drive, the feel, the touch for making a collage.

and because it’s christmas, i thought i’ll post the christmas decorations that was put up that i have mentioned for the umpteen times, but did nothing about.

and here’s a shabbily done collage of it.. (i think it’s disgusting but i am not in the mood for collages at the moment)

/edit @ 1311hrs

missed out this important picture of the bears mimicking our monthly meetings.. hee hee.

/end of edit

my pictures don’t do justice because my camera sucks. oh, just read an email yesterday evening that we won the christmas decor competition and beat 4 other sections/8 other departments flat down.

WooooHoooOOoo!! it’s a legend that we always win the christmas decor competition.. for the dunno how many years running!

anyway, by the time im back in the office, the decors would have been gone. would miss the cute little mushrooms and fairies!

it’s christmas noon and is anyone having turkey and is willing to spare me some? i’m hungry.

Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS folks and a happy new year! more backlogs of pictures coming up in a while.

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