just need to do a little senseless stuff to rid the anger off my head and make my day a better one..

here goes with the alpha, J

juice! orange, apple, lime, aloe vera… u name it, i love it!
jeans – i love wearing my jeans at every other opportunity
jackfruit – heaty fruit, but i LIKE!
jelly – wobbly gluey stuff.. *yums*
jeremy!!!!!! my tp friend. jerm, you reading this?!?! *waves*
japanese.. tell me, why am i learning the language?!
japanese cuisine! mich and me eat that 95% of the time we meet! when shall we meet soon?
jane – my colleague sitting beside me
jasmine green tea – gotta be from pokka or heaven & earth tho
jewellery – waiting for a big diamond some day

ok. some more of the lame ones i thought of..

jagong (dialect for sweet corn!)
jon – mich’s my good friend, so good friend’s bf must like also! well, he is a nice guy too!

*phew* am finally done!

mich, can you give me an easier alphabet the next time?!?! the things that came to my mind are stuff like janitor, jazz, jogging(!), jelly fish, jack and the bean sprout…

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