before popping over to 淡水渔人码头, we passed by this surf beach where a lot of beach boys and girls were surfing. it was far from the scene that you see in singapore.

and you know, me being ME, i wanted to take peektures!! wahhaha. so cheng chieh stopped the car by the side of the road and we popped out for some quick photo-taking! 😛

our reflection in the car window, you can see a faint outline of cheng chieh in the car if u look closely. 🙂 and der looked surprisingly fat in this picture! haha.

some interesting sculptures that we saw further down the journey..

when we finally reached the fisherman’s wharf, i was a happy bird. literally hopping around and taking in all those sights. of people, of boatmen, of boats, of couples, of friends and of tourists.

side track a little, while on the pretty white bridge, we saw a wedding couple taking their wedding shots… nothing unusual right?! but they took their pictures using a tripod and a small compact camera on self timer mode. *faints*

i didn’t think anyone would resort to that. so, while passing by them, cheng chieh was asked to take a few pictures for them and i also took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of them. i am so tempted to ask for their email address so that i can send them their pictures, but decided it might seemed rude to do so. anyway, the thing we found most amusing is the poses that they strike..

the white bridge is also called the Lover’s bridge (情人桥), because it was officially started on valentine’s day.

time quickly passed and it was evening, and cheng chieh had to leave for work, so we were dropped off at 淡水老街 for some shopping. that’s when the eating starts all OVER again. wahhaha! did u realised that my face is much rounder?! must be all that gorging that i had been doing.

the fishes were so pretty!!

if you ever go to 淡水老街, you must drink the 酸梅汤 or what cheng chieh called the 梅子水. it’s a light, refreshing and cooling drink. very very nice and i drank 2 big cups of it. almost wanted to lug a bottle of the syrup back but the thought of lugging it to HK, and then back to singapore is too much of a hassle.

seeing that it was still quite early, we popped onto the ferry to 八里, an small island that is similar to our pulau ubin across 淡水. there was nothing much to see and we ALMOST got stuck on the island because i happened to see this sign that says the last ferry leaves at 9.30pm and we only had half an hr but we were still frolicking around, taking our own sweet time to explore.

because it was a small island with not much lightings around, we didnt take much pictures because the flash was too harsh and everything else was too dark to produce nice pictures. still, it’s a quaint little island that’s very much the likes of a fishing village. so, that marks the end of the 4th day. shall take a break and rest. i am on MC today. 🙁

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