just want to give my sanity a little breather and i spent the last 35 mins or so blogging reading and catching up on everyone’s life.

so, life’s kinda busy (still!) after my launch, but i’m looking forward to more breaks in the month of july.

i’ll be away on 2 overseas retreats – 1 in johor bahru and the other in seremban. the happy thing? I’m trying to plan a trip in the same month to 买东西,吃东西。。

my mood just gets so much better thinking about it! hee!

now it’s back to work else, i won’t be able to rest enough for tomorrow. my throat’s breaking already and i foresee a huge fever coming my way. been feeling really flushed the entire day even though i gulped down 3 litres of water already.

ok. i’m out.