i am supposed to be in bed and sleeping because i have a nail appointment at 11am tomorrow. But, im feeling all awake and bored. and so, decided to blog blog and blog to waste time away..

and so.. i haven’t blog a single bit about the bangkok trip even though it’s been 2 months. i have no access to photoshop right this moment, so.. no collages either!

so here goes!!

the plane i flew..

me on the streets of bangkok

i bumped into a baby elephant on the streets!! quite a sight in bangkok city?!

cannot see but im chilling with a beer at suam lum night bazaar

basically, the whole of day 1 whizzes by. from hitting the streets, the malls, going to pray at the 4-face buddha, and strolling across all the night stalls along the streets.. i pretty much bought alot of things. headed back to the hotel for a short break near 11pm.. and decided 30 minutes later that it’s way too early to hit the beds so i took a cab to suam lum night bazaar for more shopping and look see look see.

day 2. i hit the chatuchak market early in the morning.. roamed the maze and my eyes were having a feast and thoroughly enjoying till wei reminded me that the mission of the entire trip was to go MBK to frame something. urgh!

so.. here’s some interesting pictures i took in chatuchak..

so many balls!! and sticks!! heh heh

flowers and bees…

phad thai for breakfast.. a bit bland.. :/

wei’s fried rice looks really good..

me.. enjoying the food!

making my way around in the maze of shops!

some very interesting signages.. would have bought one for my cubicle if it says “leave me alone!”

urgh! it’s hot and CROWDED!!

left for MBK very unwillingly because i have only covered 1/4 of chatuchak market in the 3hours we were there.. 🙁

the must go place in bangkok!

kfc in thailand.. what a choice!

the terrible traffic..

and at night…

dinner for day 2 was at this eerily looking old house that was converted into a restaurant called Once upon a Time.

the ambiance is really old.. makes me feel like im in a haunted house literally!! my hairs stood a few times.. the food is quite ok and it’s along one of the small streets along patunam area.

lunch at MK on day 3. my favourite dining place. had it twice on the entire trip.

can you see? it’s yellow day! (some were in pink because it’s the “in” color now..)

the street..

the view from my hotel room..

i kinda like their colorful looking roads..

the hotel i stayed in

this lady is selling live jumping shrimps in that basket to be part of some rojak salad..

sunset, and i’m home bound.

see me?!

my tired feet

the last meal in bangkok

the flight was delayed for 3 freaking hours and that’s me with my sudoku book.

was so glad that i am finally boarding!!

the entire photo set can be found here. view it at your own leisure.

okie. to bed. nites!

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