i set the alarm to wake at 9am, the time to maximize the amount of snooze i’ll get before i start work officially today.

but what happens when u have nice friends who checks on you every morning? you wakes up at 7am cos your friend msgs you NON stop to make sure u are awake at the usual timings you should be.


don’t tell me to switch my mobile to silent mode cos it’s my alarm clock that wakes me. how to wake me then when it’s in silent mode? and yeah. i am grumpy baby now.

as much as i appreciate my friend for checking on me.. i am sore about the lack of sleep…especially since work ends after midnight tonight.

i don’t know to laugh or cry. 😐

ok. into the bathroom i go and time to start a tiring day!

hey girls (from the LJ gang), sorry that i can’t join you girls for the party tonight, but i’m sure u girls are gonna have a whale of a time without me too! Snap more peektures to show me and well…if i end early.. i’ll POP by ya?! gonna miss the fun!

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