i blogged about being disappointed the other day. i didn’t say who. and i guess the message is a little misleading and der seemed to be a little affected by his wild imagination.

haha. i assume it’s his wild imagination.

he kept asking, what happened between the 2 of you in the past? why are u both disappointed with each other?

actually, i smile when i think about it… actually, it’s hilarious lah!

so, raf finally knows i’m in the green camp. he heard it from someone that i least expects it (wei), and he is disappointed that i DIDN’T TELL HIM.

but. we are rivals now, you know. haha. and i really didn’t go announcing it openly to everyone. ok. except that it’s on facebook. and the occasional blog entry that leaks a little information here and there.

i can’t possibly be in the red camp. and for obvious reasons, i don’t think i want to be in the red camp any time. actually, i love the green camp for the fun it portrays.

and why am i disappointed in return? because.. i blogged about this last year.

now, don’t you think it’s funny just because his imagination is wild?

baby, we are just friends. good old friends.

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