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Came home the other day and saw a big parcel on my bed.

Had to crop out the address!

The present that came in a nice miffy rabbit wrapper and a toy story 3 lenticular card that made me dizzy.

The back of the card, revealing the sender.

Tah-dah! Its a digital photo frame that comes with swarovski crystals! Pretty pretty!

This is how the actual product looks like. Can you see x.silly peering into it?

Thank you kenties. Derrie appreciates the sweet thoughts and the kind intention behind the wedding gift!

Still… Told you its the PRESENCE and not the PRESENT that we care about right. You shouldn’t have! Such a pity that you wont be here.

And yup, i guess this is the answer to the question that you asked me via facebook. Sorry. Have been tired and swamped with little errands lately.

Hope to see you soon. =)

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