and so, i am on 2 days MC, extending my long weekend to an even longer weekend. depending on how u look at it, it could be good news or bad.

it’s bad for me because its a busy week and i have loads to clear. so even though i am on MC, i am still sending out emails and checking my mails before the medication knocks me out.

so what exactly happened?

i have no friggin’ idea man. the pain just intensified as time goes by. when i finally reached singapore at 4.45pm, the GP was closed and i found a comfortable spot to lie down in bed for a while and der rushed home to pack his luggage before he could come back to bring me to the doc’s when it opens at 6.30pm.

he is such a sweet darling because when i called him at 6.30pm, he was queuing at the clinic to get a queue number before coming home to fetch me. but, because when i tried to get out, it was so painful that i was crying when i tried to move so der decided that he is bringing me to the hospital a&e.

so ttsh we went, and after almost 2 hours of waiting, i finally saw the doc. did an ultrasound on my stomach (kidneys look good), did a urine test (clear), had an x-ray and was given a jab to curb the pain and put under observation for an hour. the verdict? i could have torn one of the muscles while i was doing exercises (huh?!), and i was to refrain from any form of exercise for 6 weeks!


6 weeks! no more hula hooping. 🙁

and 2 days MC to rest and drowsy medication to take. urgh. the pain is still present but it wasn’t as excruciating as before so it makes me more mobile in some sense and it’s no longer a torture to lie down to get some rest.

and so, i thought i burst my stomach or something because every time i eat, i had contracting sensations from abdominal area.

and its a good thing that i am on mc, because i have had diarrhea non stop since 6am this morning and the tummy is really acting up. didn’t get much rest considering that i reach home past midnight after the visit to the hospital.

just had my lunch and medication and i can already feel the effects of the medication knocking me out soon.

have a great week people. i hate to be down and out of action.

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