here’s some pictures taken during the shape run on sunday. my top was too small for me and i think i looked like a fat dumpling!

it was a bad run for me. a very lonely run. i did the first 5km with cherlyn in sight.. and then i was having some bad stitches and lost her in sight from 6km onwards. it was a very mental run this time with no one familiar around, and no music. the only thing that’s ringing in my head was wei’s warning about my knee.

don’t push too hard.. watch your knee.. don’t pound your leg..

nearing the 7km mark, i suddenly lost sight of my goal and slowed to a brisk walk. despite telling myself that i should keep up the momentum, every time i tried to run again, i wanted to puke. there was a lot of gas in my stomach and i kept burping during the run. not sure what is wrong, but i decided to take it slow. i also experienced water retention in my fingers and it was hard to just even clench my hand. my guess at that point of time is that my body lacked salt and so i brisked walked the remaining 3km. looking at my fat and bloated fingers only reinforced my resolve not to run anymore.

i think it was a good idea (though bad against the timing) because after 2km of walking, my fingers felt a little normal and they weren’t as fat as they used to be. only at the 500m mark that i started running towards the finishing line..

it was a bad idea because the moment i crossed that line, my body lapsed into a puking action and i vomited a lot of gas from the stomach, for at least 5 mins. i felt so so sick and wei kept asking if i am ok, but i couldn’t reply..

i think i finished the run at around 1hr 13+mins. it’s quite slow, but taking into consideration that i walked about 3km, i am happy. i think i came in later than wendy! wOots girl! i am so proud of you!

now, i cannot wait for the official photos to be out!!

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