flurry of activities as usual.

MPC, rushed to tai seng for some errands, met kelvin and evelyn at timbre at substation in the evening for dinner and some chilling and ended the (late) night with rocher beancurd (yums).

met belle to view her actual day photography pictures on sunday morning, rush to town to run some errands, squeezed in a movie (alice in the wonderland), and it was the F-FIL’s birthday! So, it was feasting of crabs, man-tous, mussels, and prawn paste chicken and vegetables and followed by a round of mahjong where the “birthday boy” won everyone’s money and i was the only person left unscathed (lost $1.40 actually but it’s too insignificant to the $87 that he won).

that ended my weekend. If i could, i wish weekends were longer!

*wishes i’m in a 4 day work week company*

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