my sunday sucks big time, most of the time is spent sleeping (involuntarily, meaning im not tired but i forced myself to sleep cos there is nothing else i can do at the place i was..). i woke with a dizzy spell. it always happens because i have low blood pressure and cannot sleep in for too long.

well, i cabbed to wei’s place on fri night. needed to borrow the car to work on sat since there are stuff that i wanted to lug home from the office. 20 months in this office has gotten much of my personal stuff accumulated here. spent sat rushing around, rushing to work (and buying breakfast, since i woke early), rushed through work, had a rushed buffet lunch in the company before rushing off to fetch wei to his intensive classes. turns out, there was a jam and he was late for class. i drove home to dump my stuff, wanting to check off the stuff on my to-do list but ended up snoozing cos i was so tired.

wei beeped me near evening time and told me to fetch him at 7.30pm. i ran out of the house at 6+ remembering that i had to help him buy ink. went to 3 shops in yishun and they were either closed or dont carry the stock that i wanted. flustered and running late, i was speeding my way to fetch him when he beeped to say he’ll be late. so, i popped down to amk central, wanting to grab the ink from popular but the amk carpark had to be reserved for the ching gay procession! i turned into so many carparks to find it pack with waiting cars and was really frustrated with reckless driving when wei called and told me his classes ended.

sped my way to parklane without the ink to find wei missing. Grr. he actually went to get himself a freshly blended kiwi fruit juice, without thinking abt me. hurmph! why i dont have? and i had to wait patiently for his blended fruit drink to be ready. *bish*

drove to cliff’s house for the new year gathering. he had buffet, but it was very similar to what i had in the office in the afternoon, so i didnt eat much. started the gambling session and i won abt 10 bucks in blackjack, after a very long time. quite a waste of time. the lucky yongyi, he came, sat down, take out $2, and said,”im gonna win all your money with this 2 dollars.”

guess what? he walked away with at least 70 bucks in winnings! his cards are amazing. each bet is always $2, kena blackjack so many times, got 21 points for countless rounds.. and everytime he has to take 5 cards, they never exceed 21 points. man, he’s one damn lucky guy lor!

we adjourned to 2 rounds of mahjong and im the big winner. most of it is wei’s money. whaha. left the house near 5am and back at wei’s hse, i had to help him type his report despite closing eyes. i was so knackered that i flopped into dreamland the moment i was done. and there’s my boring weekend for you.

took some pictures at cliff’s house. will load them up when i upload them into the com. for now.. here’s some more pictures of the rengam trip.