i haven’t been blogging much. each time i lie in front of my lappie.. my eyes are so heavy and i struggle to keep them open. of cos the drowsiness always win, because you aint seeing any entries for the past week.

i just got home from a dinner with my ex-colleagues from tmx. as i was zipping home in a cab earlier, i was kinda thankful that after so many years, we are all keeping in contact. it’s weird, because the company was so closely knitted and despite being there for less than a year, i bonded with everyone so much! counter-strike kinda helped in the bonding..

2 years in angie and i didnt really keep in contact with anyone, other than my boss’s daughter who keeps calling me every now and then and tells me that she misses me.

2.5 years in where i am now.. funny thing is, i don’t know if anyone would make ANY effort to keep in touch and hang out for dinners after we have moved on. maybe except for jen. and maybe agnes. but agnes not counted cos she is primary school fren and we have been keeping in contact what! and maybe dee dee? sounds sad, huh?

here’s a pic of the gathering earlier that i grabbed from pat’s facebook. darn fast man! i am still too lazy to load the pictures that i have taken. maybe tomorrow will be a good day to do so.. just maybe.

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