was surfing around for ideas on where to go this september..and i came across 25 must see sites in the usa.

i was planning to head to some of these places in sept and it got me hyped up that i wished i was having a 2.5 months holiday instead of a 25 days one. I have covered some of these places and am going to cover a few more by the end of the year. anyway, here’s the list in case you are interested.

1. the alamo
2. boston harbor
3. brooklyn bridge [checked]
4. disneyland park [checked]
5. gateway arch
6. golden gate bridge
7. graceland
8. grand canyon [planning to go!]
9. hollywood sign [checked]
10. kennedy space center
11. empire state building [checked]
12. the mall
13. mount rushmore national memorial
14. civil rights museum
15. niagara falls [planning to go!]
16. pearl harbour
17. statue of liberty national monument [checked]
18. yellowstone national park
19. white house
20. the liberty bell
21. plymouth rock
22. arlington national cemetery
23. gettyburg national park and cemetery
24. washington monument
25. roswell

seriously, i have no idea where some of the places listed above until this morning when i googled for more information.

looks like a lot of research work to be done. i am currently trying to fit these into the itinerary.

1. niagara falls
2. seattle + outlet malls + downtown & pike’s place market
3. las vegas + hoover dam
4. grand canyon
5. vancouver

is there any thing interesting or must see places/things to do that i can go around the areas that i am going to visit? do drop me a note! thank you in advance!

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