the weekend is gone and life goes on…. (hey, it sorta rhymes!)

while i was on medical leave last friday, i was drifting in and out of sleep while struggling to get some work done and my ad signed off(!). der was practically staring at me sleep the entire day and he kept urging me to shut the com and get some proper rest.

well, the most happening thing was that we caught transformers over the weekend.

it was also a healthy weekend because der clocked some miles in his run and we went swimming where i swam 22 laps and did some late night bowling with agnes and friends.

i also went to see a chiropractor of some sort and did something to my perpetual neck pain and aching back. the verdict is that spine at my neck area is slanted and that I have a more curved back due to bad posture at work. to correct it, i need to put a stool at my feet to straighten my back, and i had to shift my laptop way higher than it is so that i dont strain my shoulders and neck looking down the entire time.

so shopping at ikea i went on sunday. bought a stool, some drawers and shelving to organize my room more, and some other knick knacks and for the past few days, i have been packing my room non stop.

yesterday night, i cleared out a whole lot of clothes (that i think i wouldnt wear anymore), and i realised i really really put on quite a bit of weight in the last 1/2 year. well, the pants that i have been wearing during the pizza days.. i cannot pull them up past my butt. i really really hate my butt now.

i also unearthed a whole stack of really new sized 24 levis jeans (599, super low waist) that i haven’t been able to wear since 1 year after i stepped into the work force.

am going to chuck quite a bit of the old clothes at salvation army this weekend and am thinking of selling some others (brand new with TAG, near brand new)at a flea market.. along with my un-used bags. anyone has any flea market to recommend?

i know i have been talking for the longest time on selling my bags, but i never gotten round to doing it. guess i really have to clear them out cos my wardrobe’s bursting (literally cos the plank holding the bags have given way due to the weight).

so ya, that explains the radio silence for the past 4 days and i am still trying to sort out a lot more of my clothes/dresses.. and yes, the books as well. and maybe.. just maybe.. the shoes too.

nevertheless, it’s a great and happy weekend with lotsa love from my angelic der. =)

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