i took some pictures at a wedding…

2 weekends later, i decided to steal then off my cuzzie’s (wendy) blog! Errm, her blog says “no stealing”.. but it’s my pictures, so not considered stealing right? it was my cuzzie’s (felicia) wedding. since we were kids, there has been comments that we look like siblings. actually, i think all my cuzzies look alike.

too bad i didnt have the chance to take a picture with felicia on her wedding day. i was too busy chatting with the relatives, and eating (Oops!). well, here are some pictures!

and gawd, i look so much fatter standing beside the 2 of them in the last picture.. *sob*

well, they are models and i’m not.. so that’s quite a bit of self-consolation ya?

my lids are heavy…

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