This is not very good, but i’m in a cab on the way to work. It’s the consequence of late nights out and 2.5hrs of sleep last night. I don’t know what happened to my alarm until my mum knocked on my room door.

8.10am. The time i’m supposed to be out of the house, and what was i doing still? Clutching my blanket and dreaming.

Ran into the bathroom and got out in a jiffy. I think i look terrible today cos i didn’t had time to think about my wardrobe. I just grabbed the clothes and wore. Terribly mismatched.

The throat’s feeling inflamed. =\ a strike from my body telling me it’s enough of late nights and long days. Gonna have to load on the h2o today to ease it.

In other news, the eye’s not getting better, but at least it’s not hurting as much. Blinking’s still very uncomfortable.

I like rainy days. I like sitting in cars on rainy days. I like listening to my favourite songs, in a car, on a rainy days. I’m a sucker for that and i would sacrifice my sleep just to enjoy it. So last night was fun, even though it was simple.

I want to do it again soon!


Recently, i have been thinking about efforts. Efforts in retaining a friendship. Efforts in trying to remain in contact with a friend. Sometimes, do we deliberately deny the effort just so it’s easier for us? It’s so convenient to brush aside someone by cutting off the contact, telling people we are busy. (Hey, if you start thinking of me in that context… I’m really busy with my work these days!!) This thought came to me when a few of my friends told me they were busy. Perpetually busy. It dawned on me that if one is keen, no matter how busy one is, there’s always some time you can squeeze out. But it takes effort and probably a lot of inconveniences. Maybe i wasn’t worth their effort. Maybe they don’t even want to keep me as a friend. Maybe he just didn’t know how to react as yet. Maybe. Maybe. Things that i’ll never know.

The thing i DO KNOW… It’s i’m stucked in a traffic jam at cte and oh no… I’m gonna be so late. =(

there are still times i wish you were there…

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