today, 2 people made me upset.

because they say i am sucha a slacker. that i didn’t put in effort to make myself look good. and that i didn’t train/tone myself to make myself look gorgeous when i should. and that i am too relaxed. and that i shouldn’t be like that.

but.. but.. aint i gorgeous enough?! (LOL)

anyways, i am still VERY affected because they make me feel so small. and fat. and flabby. and ugly. and the 2 of them (shall call them the a-kohs) kept on going on and on about it.

hey.. the 2 of them 夫唱妇随 lor! [this is my secret revenge]

and because of them, i wanted to go jogging tonight. and tomorrow. and maybe the day after tomorrow. i must be hardworking and start toning my flab before i can show them off next time.

27 days countdown starts now.

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