Remember e resolution i’ve set sometime back about leaving e office before 8.30pm. I have been dilligently keeping to it. But twice this week, i headed home very late, way passed e time.

There were times where i thought the work is quite sucky, other times, i just enjoy it no matter how tired. Such is a contradiction that sways according to my mental state.

So, this week = sucky week (having started work last sunday and i have to work on both days this weekend, plus tiring week coming up & exam next sunday) =(



it’s a scary thing when you see someone you have been familiar with all this while seating across the table feeling like a total stranger. What has gotten into me?

(in a shoes shop, me strutting around in e shop trying some heels)
He: since when you started wearing such high heels?
Me: huh? I have always been…
He: well, i had never seen it.
Me: (grabbed my existing heels and made a comparison with e one i was trying…)
He: oh…………

(in a restaurant having dinner)
Me: did you say this tom yam is damn good?
He: Ya! Don’t you agree?
Me: (face crinkles in disgust) huh?
He: since when have you becomed so particular about your food?
Me: (look of disbelief) i have ALWAYS been particular about food! Besides, this doesn’t even have e tom yam taste and e whole soup is coconut milk!

Have we grown that far apart while we weren’t looking?

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