It feels damn good to be on a not crowded train at this hour of e day. More so when i had gone to orchard and bought e stuff i need and am heading for home.

The only sad thing is, i’m dozing off every other minute. I think e lack of sleep is killing my skin! I looked in e mirror today and thought i look damn bad. There are so many things to be done when i get home..

Write my christmas lists, write e cards, custom make some items, wrap e presents i’ve gotten and label them with names. Gosh! With e mental state i am in now, i don’t think ticking off any item on e list is possible.

I need some adrenaline pumping stuff to get me going. The rest of e week is gonna be damn hectic. A busy christmas…. What can i say/do?

Bring it on and let’s go!

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