Had a nice lunch on a late Sunday afternoon. Der and me woke up real early to rush for an appointment and only managed to grab something to eat at 3pm.

Dined at my favourite tampopo again! Love it whenever he goes liang court to pick up his magazines.

So, here’s our food!

My black pig mini Shabu shabu. I could eat this all the time!

Der’s ten-don. His usual fare.

My huge salmon head. This Is too yummy.

Lastly, the milk pudding. I must end every meal at tampopo with this. Heavenly goodness (IMO).

The rest of the day was spent playing mahjong. I was so dead tired and ‘over-played’ over the weekend that I crashed into bed right after I am done with my showers.

Wished the weekend was longer. I haven’t rested at all. Am so tired that I can doze off anytime, anywhere. I could feel my brain shutting…..

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