i am surprised that i am still awake. a rarity these days especially when i am usually too knackered from work.

and each night, i collapse in sheer exhaustion. my mind is not willing though my body could hold up. it just shuts down and i doze off into slumber land in secs. and i hardly could even turn on my laptop, or that i turn it on but collapse before it boots up.

it’s been 2 days and i have been lunching at my desk with short 10 mins gobble-up-my-lunch-stunt since the departure of my lunch buddy. partly due to the sheer amount of work that i am rushing and partly because i am so lazy to head out, so i just hibernate at my desk.

and i’m missing the gossiping with this monster here..

haha! der & me just had to laugh till we have stitches when we were doing the photo collage.

of cos, i am not that mean. the finally collage looks like this..

it was a great 2 hrs of fun that i spent with der, trying to piece together the collage and putting all the funny shit stickers and making it as amusing as possible. the funniest part was i kept thinking i had a huge frame, printed a lot of the pictures in huge sizes only to reach home and realizes..gawd, the frame is so SMALL!

so, i just had to make do and fit in whatever i could. i’m just so glad the girl likes it!

she better like, because i put in a lot of thought into it.. especially the choosing of the pictures!!

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