i am finally connected to the internet @ HOME! after the longest stretch of time which annoys me to no end.

and that is after the hassle of numerous emails, my application for a new broadband account, the cost of having to pay for a stupid transfer cost which could have been FOC had not been my brother’s act of impulse.

so, yeah. i will be on a blogging spree in a moment.. if i could still recall all the things that i wanted to talk about here in the past few days.

and no, i am still trying to get used to the qwerty keyboard on my e71 (and my long nails), so typing has yet been a breeze and mobile blogging is frustrating (even more so when i accidentally deleted this painstainkingly typed long post on monday).

now, let me get my bearings right and catch up on the daily dose of blog reading before i start shooting the bullets here.

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