while chatting with ah mit the other day, i spotted his cute msn user icon. he drew it himself and i thought it was really cute and did a print screen to pilfer it (with me telling him of cos!).

i loved this icon.. to me.. it says that the boy is in love with the girl. the interesting thing about this icon is that.. that was not the intention of ahmit when he drew this icon. it meant a total different meaning altogether.

can you guess what it means?

ahmit says that the userpic is meant to depict that girls, or women for that matter is heartless!!

omfg. a totally different dimension.

well, i am not the only one getting what i see out of the picture. so i figured, you really see what you want to see and even a simple picture depicts a different meaning altogether when viewed in another’s eyes.

hmmm. interesting hor?! ok. gonna rush to work today.. it’s the annual chicky recruitment day again!! irritating kids, here i come.. (and having my weekend burnt!)

Hope everyone have a great weekend!

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