So, after burning for a week on somewhat very high body temperatures (38+, 39+ degrees), slipping in and out of sleep cycles and losing out a lot on food (i barely ate!) and losing some kilos, i finally rid the fever and came back to work today.

still sick, still alive but not really kicking. my throat still hurts big time, i talk with a coarse voice, i spit fresh blood-stained phlegm and swallowing is a real pain.

and i also found out this morning, that one of my colleague thought i died…because of this news article that she saw. because i was having non-stop high fever. because i stayed in the same place as her. because i also went to khoo teck puat hospital for a fever. too many coincidences. but, i am not 35!!!

straits times article on women dying from dengue
Screenshot of Straits Times article – “35-year old women is 6th person to die from dengue” (
anyway, my heart goes out to the deceased and her family. to die from a mozzie bite is really unthinkable but its reality. so if you have time, please do the 5-step mozzie wipe out in your household. Don’t think its not possible, you could just be the breeder unknowingly.

5 Step Mozzie Wipe-out
1. Change water in vases and bowls on alternate days
2. Remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days
3. Turn over all water storage containers
4. Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use
5. Clear blockages and put BTI insecticide in roof gutters monthly

anyway, back to the main topic of what i was going to say about dengue fever. I’m just gonna share what i learn over the past one week, after seeing 3 doctors and teach you how to identify dengue fever with these pointers. I am of cos, no doctor so read with a pinch of salt.

What to look out for if you suspect you have dengue fever:
1. Having fever over a prolonged period of time
2. developing a rash on your body after the 5th day of having fever
3. Bleeding gums when you brush your teeth

Even if you do not have all 3 symptoms and suspect that you have dengue, the best solution is to go for a blood test. Anyway, these are what all 3 doctors asked me when i went to them and they all told me the same thing, whether they are the GP or hospital doctor.

One of the doctors also told me that because i was suffering from a throat infection, it is more likely that i am having a viral infection than dengue.

so yup. like i said, just sharing because while i was burning, all i thought about was (1) i was going to get brain damage, (2) will i die (or die from dengue)?

and just another interesting thing that i found out – apparently, regardless how high the fever is.. you can never get a brain damage. i googled and read some articles about how a fever will not affect the brain at all. so interesting!

hope this article about viral fever vs dengue fever helped!

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