Finally can afford the time to change out my nail color. It has been chipping and irking me since last week, but as life has it.. Other things has taken priority the past week and so, I finally have a bit of time to myself… Besides, I’m feeling a little down from being sick so how best to cheer myself up with a pretty manicure?

I mad love my new nails, and I painted them myself!

It’s a first for me painting this design and it was relatively easy, except that I made the mistake of painting the darker color first, thinking that the neon pink would be able to cover. It did, but I could still see a bit of the dark purple polish below, so I coated a few more layers of pink, which is quite a mistake. It ‘melts’ the purple and I see a swirl of mixed colours, which is rectified with yet another coat of pink after the nails are semi-dry, making the nail tips rather thick with polish. I hope they would dry well!

Here’s the polishes I used! Orly Orlon (064) color as the base color with orly wild wisteria (40727) and color club neon pink for the tips.

My seche vite base coat broke 2 weeks ago, thanks to my mum so I substituted it with the pro-fx mineral botanical strengthener as the base coat.

Got this when I was in the states and don’t think it’s available in Singapore and I love this! Makes me feel my nails are healthier and doesn’t stain the nails yellow when I use it as a base for dark colours.

And.. Guess what? My nails smells delicious too! A very sweet smell is lingering from my nail tips because the color club pink polish is lightly scented.

And sadly, I’m not on the gelish nails bandwagon because my nails grows so fast, it’s not funny. Besides, my nails are very thin and the few times where I do get gel nails in the past, it kills my nails instantly and takes a few months to grow an entire brand new nail bed because they are quite long.

My toes get an equal pampering too with matching wild wisteria color.

And yeah, happy girl this weekend.

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