I think I am beginning to adore my son. For those of you who kept telling me things will get better and that I one day would find everything worthwhile, I think I am almost here. Thank you for all that encouragement then. I think I am beginning to feel like everything is worth it.. or maybe it is postpartum amnesia and I don’t quite recall how bad things used to be. Ahh.. Maybe this is part of god’s grand plans.. Postpartum memory loss is for women to cope better and forget all those frustrations, struggles, hardship so that they’ll go on and have more kids. I’m pretty sure it is.

And ya, I was talking about jerry! A week past the 6 months mark, he constantly amaze me every.single.moment.

The other day, he perfected the sitting up unsupported, then the next day.. He went on to kneeling..

And yesterday, he started standing! And ever since, he’s been ambling around the play yard non-stop!

woah mummy! Look! I am taller now! I can stand!

We thronged the crowd today at the pediatrician and for the first time, waited for 4 grand hours, which is a total waste of weekend time. I would have scooted off but jerry is really really sick. When it was finally our turn, it was 3pm in the afternoon, 2 hours after the clinic official hours and there was still quite a bit of crowd. Mummy here got chided by the doc for letting Jerry take the tumbles in the play yard, even though it’s padded and I have been feeling shitty since. The only good news is that he had a steady weight gain and is now weighing 7.025kg. Though it’s on the low end, his weight gain has been rather consistent (I.e abt 300+grams every month). Jerry has been diagnosed with an inflamed, phlegmy throat, a runny nose and a cough and he has a whole bunch of medication including diarrhea for standby since my mum said he had loose stools the day before.

Poor kid. He barely took anything today. No food, no water and he barely swallowed 300ml of milk. It’s a battle trying to get anything into his mouth, including the medication. He has his lips clamp shut. The times where I managed to squirt some medicine into his mouth, he would scream and tremble in pain with his fist all tight and arms, flailing.. It seems as if the medication is like antiseptic poured on an open wound and I couldn’t bear doing it after a while and gave up.

It’s a pain to see and I feel entirely helpless and almost broke down in tears seeing my baby suffer. If only I can take the pain away from him.

The poor baby hardly could breathe with his airways all blocked with phlegm and mucus.. Little wonder that he doesn’t want to drink. I hope he would feel better tomorrow and would at least drink his milk. If not, I seriously would admit him and put him on drips just so that he will not be dehydrated! Please do keep him in your prayers and thank you in advance!

Tonight, our little family of 3 is lounging out in the living room. The baby is not sleeping well either and has been fidgeting every other minute, breaking into wails every now and then. Gonna make an exception and co-sleep with him in the play yard while der is lounging out on the sofa adjacent to the play yard. It’s going to be a rough night tonight..

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