Last week, I got tagged by my long time blogger friend, Wenmei (one of the first few people I know online!) and I am supposed to answer 4 questions. I haven’t done something so spontaneous in a while. I thought it is quite fun to do something totally random so here goes!

1. What am I working on?

Hmmm. Tough. I am currently working on being a good mum, a good juggler (between work, life, kids, husband, chores and friends), and trying to maintain a blog amidst all that. I don’t normally talk about my work here, so the other thing that I really do spend an effort on is the blog. And regards to that, I am trying to work on making the blog more relevant and helpful to my readers, apart from growing my wealth of precious memories here so any suggestions/feedback that you might have is welcomed! As for the rest – kids, husband chores, and friends.. you read them all here. don’t you? Oh, and maybe my Instagram.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Let’s talk about my blog work instead. My blog, how is it different from other in the genre? I’m not exactly sure, but I think my personality plays a huge part in it. I don’t think I compete entirely in a single genre (e.g. parenting), but I do a mix of parenting entries, activities with the family, fashion, travels, and family conversations. It is also sometimes dotted with product reviews and food reviews. I mostly share my personal experiences, my raw thoughts and the stuff I learn through these experiences because I think people can learn from my mistakes and experiences and be better, or otherwise relate to them and not feel so alone in their journey. I believe in sharing because, I have learn so much while reading many blogs and I want to be able to do the same for my readers.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I mostly present everything on this blog unpackaged, unless there is a need to (mostly to protect people who are close to me), but otherwise, I think the blog is pretty much what you get of me in real life. I don’t believe in painting beautiful pictures, nor just presenting the pretty stuff, because life ain’t made to be that way but I seek to educate people that regardless, one determines the life that they live in, and for me, it’s all about being happy.

4. How does my writing process work?

I get inspired at the weirdest times. When I bathe, when I am walking to my destination somewhere, when some conversations hits, or when I see funny acts or incidents from my kids., but granted, not everything that I ever want to blog about gets blogged. Life is such that you just choose the most important thing to do at that point in time and then you move on. If I had my way about the stuff I want to blog about, I’ll be forever typing away on this laptop and not getting anywhere! I try to note down the inspirations at the times I can, and follow up at another time when I can spare the time to blog. Other times, I experience and take pictures and blog when I reflect upon viewing all those images, and that’s about it!  I don’t do heavy edits of my blog entries (see, its really at face value!) and I can’t afford the time to anyway!

I do hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any feedback or suggestion or critique about my blog or writings or even me, you can drop me a note and fire away! I may or may not respond, but truth is, I believe that with feedback, one will improve so keep them coming. Meanwhile, I am going to introduce 3 mummy blog friends so that they can carry on this blog train. I can’t wait to read what they have to write!

Estella Goh –

Estella is a long time friend. We were poly mates from a long time ago, but only got closer when I found out that she was part of a group of mom bloggers that I was interacting with. These days, I never get past a day without talking to her (or being irritated by her) and I love her emotional blog entries that sometimes can be tear jerking or thought provoking. All else aside, I love her daughter, Joy because she is so cute and so close in age to my Jerry.

Geraldine Gigi Guo –

Geraldine/Gigi doesn’t know it, but her name was the first thing that piqued my interest online. I mean Geraldine and Gigi, which is which?! And errm, 3 Gs as name initials is quite interesting, isn’t it?  I mostly refer to her as Geraldine, and honestly, her blog left an impression at first instance because of the name Chuck (Heh, I am thinking about some doll). Errrm, names are important you know because they so leave an impression on people. That aside, I love reading about her blog. It’s a very easy read and very real and I like how she sometimes, effortlessly dot some humour onto her entries.

Claudia Lim – or

I first knew Claudia from Singapore Mom Bloggers but only got to know her better in recent months, after having ‘worked together’ on the same brand last year. An amazing mum who pretty much has her hands filled with 2 blogs, 2 daughters, work (running a business!) and managing a household and everything else and still stay pretty sane (or so I think). I don’t know how she manages all that she does, but she is just amazing. And oh, she is also pretty much the only tech blogger I know in real life. 🙂

If you own a blog and is reading this… do feel free to post this blog train on your blog as well and tag some friends to get it going! Have fun and I’m so going to have a super busy week ahead so expect some silence. Solo-parenting is gonna be a wee bit tough this week with demanding work on the way. Stay cool! The weather is so hot these days!